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Humble is "Key"

“It’s hard to be humble,” says an old country song, “when you’re perfect in every way.” Of course, few people actually think they’re perfect in every way. But it can still be pretty hard to be humble, especially if you live in a society that encourages competition and individuality. Yet, even in such a culture, humility remains an important virtue. Learning to be humble is of paramount importance in most spiritual traditions, and humility can help you develop more fully and enjoy richer relationships with others.

Appreciate your talents. Being humble doesn’t mean you can’t feel good about yourself. Self-esteem is not the same as pride. Both come from a recognition of your own talents and qualities, but pride, the kind of pride that leans toward arrogance, is rooted in insecurity about yourself. Think about the abilities you have, and be thankful for them.


People love talking about other people and people like hearing about other people’s business. Surprisingly, experts agree this behavior is a part of human nature. This fact explains why celebrity gossip magazines are so popular. It’s why strangers will strain to listen to juicy talk about someone they don’t even know. And, it’s also why gossip will never be completely eradicated from the work environment…but, that doesn’t mean human resource (HR) and management professionals should give up on trying to curtail workplace gossip.

Gossip Does More Than Just Waste Time…

While most in HR and management recognize employees gossiping as a time waster that lowers productivity, some negative outcomes may not be as obvious.



If you had musical training at school, or are inherently musical, you have a distinct advantage when learning to dance. You know what the instructor means when they say “1,2,3…5,6,7…”, right from the outset. You know that it’s more than just a sequence of numbers to help you to learn a long routine, that it tells you where you are in the music.

But not everyone has this kind of musical knowledge, training or inclination. If you don’t, mastering a new hobby like salsa dancing can not only be physically challenging, but sometimes you’ll actually want to give up entirely because finding the rhythm and timing in the music seems impossible. A lot of salsa classes (in Europe at least) also focus mainly on moves, routines and styling, but many don’t teach you about the rhythm and why you dance on 1,2,3…5,6,7.

Let’s fix that right away. It’s not impossible, and you can master timing in salsa and other dances. Once you understand this you will have timing sorted out.

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